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Semi-Annual District Conference 2016

Members, missionaries, and friends in the Christ Church, Barbados District convened to hear uplifting messages and instruction during the three day conference.

At the three day, semi-annual district conference held by the Christ Church, Barbados District of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, members and friends gathered to hear local leaders speak on topics of particular importance for saints in Barbados.  President Alan Herrington of the Barbados, Bridgetown Mission, presided over all of the sessions and was accompanied by District President Stuart Sampson, and members of the district presidency. 

Friday evening, March 18, 2016, youth and young adults ages 12-30 were invited to participate in a multi-media discussion regarding the importance of keeping the commandments, remaining chaste, adhering to the Word of Wisdom, and avoiding the dangers of pornography.   

On Saturday afternoon local priesthood leaders were instructed on the subject of self reliance and Sabbath day observance.  Speakers emphasized the importance of creating an atmosphere of reverence during Sunday worship services so that everyone could be more easily inspired and edified.  Self reliance was explained as a principle to which each member should adhere, regardless of financial situation, in order to continue progressing and to have greater capacity to bless the lives of others.

At the Saturday evening general adult session, Presidents Sampson and Herrington shared video clips from General Authority and Auxiliary Leaders in Salt Lake City discussing specific ideas and principles that could aid members to better follow the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy.  Drawing from personal experiences and insights, members and leaders contributed meaningfully to this discussion focused on making the Sabbath Day a delight in their lives.

Close to 200 people attended the concluding Sunday morning general session.  Speakers shared personal experiences and insights on topics including prayer, perseverance, the Book of Mormon, and the Life of Christ. 

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