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Barbadians Respond to the Passing of President Thomas S. Monson

Following the passing of President Thomas S. Monson on January 2, 2018, Barbadian members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints respond to questions about his life and teachings.


Q: What impact has Thomas S. Monson had on your life?

Kathleen Branker
I remember being introduced to him in 1984 when he visited Barbados soon after I was baptized. At that time there were very few members, and we held our Meetings in a small house in the Vauxhall area opposite what is now Sheraton Mall. I was presented to him as the newest convert, and he said a few words of encouragement to me that I will never forget. When I read in the Ensign magazine about his many promptings of the Spirit and how he always obeyed them, and how they cheered people, and even saved the life of one guy who was contemplating suicide; that made me determined to always do the same - act immediately if possible when the Holy Spirit prompted.
Jarad Nelson
I became better at living the law of consecration by seeing the way the prophet sacrificed his talents, time, and energy to serve the Lord.
Q: What will you remember most about Thomas S. Monson?
Cheryl Sinckler
One of the things that I will remember most about President Monson is his great love for people and how important each individual is. Whether serving the widow or just playing with his grandchildren, each one mattered.
Anne Haynes
He was a humble man always willing to serve. It did not matter who it was--a child, the elderly, a fellow brother or sister in Christ--he was there. I will remember his love for Heavenly Father and His only begotten son our Savior Jesus Christ. He exemplified the pure love of Christ not only in word but in deed. He was a great example for us all to follow. You shall be missed, we love you President Thomas S. Monson.
Kathleen Branker
I always looked forward to his Conference talks and enjoyed the way he delivered them - simply and clearly. When he referred to some of his childhood experiences during his talks, I pictured “Tommy Monson” as an adventurous, sometimes mischievous little fellow who became a dedicated servant of the Lord. He was truly a man who obeyed the Lord's commandment to love one another. I admired the way he interacted with everyone in such a natural manner. He truly magnified his many callings, and is now as we say in Barbados "Safe in the arms of Jesus" where he will continue to do the Lord's bidding throughout eternity.
Q: What do you wish the world knew about Thomas S. Monson?
Cheryl Sinckler
I wish the world knew that he is and was a prophet of God. I wish the world understood that he was on the Lord's errand and that meant that he reached out not just to members of the Church but to everyone. I wish they knew how much he loved them.
Owen Waldron
I think that as a president, as a prophet of this day, which was very important, the scriptures say that He (God) will relay everything through His prophets. I think that as a prophet he was simple, and being simple means that he was humble. I think he was fine at meeting and greeting and interacting with people. I like that quality about him. And I think that his messages were simple, no complex messages, simple things about reading the scriptures, reading the Book of Mormon, taking care of family, that sort of thing. He was pretty straight forward and that’s what I liked about him.
Q: Why is it important to you to have a living prophet on the earth?
Kathleen Branker
It is very important for me and all Latter-day Saints to have a living prophet on earth at this time because the world has become a very dangerous place in which to live. Not because of increased crime and the threat of nuclear war, but because of the spiritual darkness that is currently enveloping this planet. We desperately need a righteous man to receive revelation from Heavenly Father to help us navigate through the "mist of darkness" that is threatening mankind. Our late Prophet Thomas S. Monson was such a man, and as much as we miss him, we look forward to his replacement, who will carry on the good work. The world NEEDS prophets in each dispensation to tell us what the Lord would have us do. May we all thank God for our prophets.

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