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Members and Friends Fireside with Elder and Sister González

Before leaving Barbados, Elder Walter F. González presided at a Members and Friends Fireside held in Christ Church on Thursday, February 23, 2017.  More than 70 people, including members and non-members, filled the chapel on Rendezvous to hear Elder and Sister González speak. 


The evening began with remarks from Sister Zulma González about the call from prophets and apostles to hasten the work of salvation.  After outlining ways to accomplish this, Sister González shared the parable of the nobleman and the olive trees from Doctrine and Covenants 101:43-62, emphasizing that we have been asked to build spiritual watchtowers and must not ignore this call to work.  She then read 2 Nephi 32:2-3 in Book of Mormon, and reminded the congregation that, “To have the spirit we need to talk about Jesus Christ.  We need to talk about Jesus Christ to everyone.” 

Eder Walter F. González encouraged attendees to center their lives on Jesus Christ with these words, “The Lord himself is the exemplar, the one we follow in life.  Study his teachings, his life; then copy and paste in our own life.”  One specific way Elder González said we could “copy and paste” is found in Luke 2: 40, 52 where Jesus increased, in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man.  He then showed how the Caribbean Area goals for the year aid members in their efforts to spiritually increase in favor with God.  The 2017 goals are found on a free bookmark and are as follows: 1. Become self-reliant, 2. Keep the Sabbath day holy, and 3. Become or continue to be temple worthy.  After expounding upon each of these areas of growth, Elder González opened up the meeting to questions and comments from the congregation.  Topics covered in this discussion part of the evening included treating others well, practical applications of how to invite friends to learn more about the church, and encouraging participation among young people.

The fireside with Elder and Sister González came at the conclusion of their visit.   While in Barbados, they also met with local leaders to share inspired counsel and training.  

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